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Our commitment to Green Chemistry and innovation is the driving force behind a new line of products aimed at improving the quality of the natural and industrial environment in which we operate.

We work with products designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions: we manufacture Adblue, to reduce NOx emissions in vehicles, and GreenforNOx, our solution for reducing NOx gases in the industrial sector.

In a different line, we have developed environmentally-friendly products whose application is focused on maintaining the natural appearance of our green and leisure areas, such as the GreenforDust and GlueGarden product range.

GREENFOR DUST is a polymeric product patented by Foresa which combines the best physical-chemical results for dust control, soil stabilization and hillside erosion control.

  • Recommended for seaside promenades, riverside promenades, bike paths and leisure areas in general, as it consolidates the soil and reinforces the surface, facilitating the circulation of people and light vehicles.
  • Reduces the impact of dust on industrial facilities such as solar parks or cooling towers, thus improving the equipment's performance and effectiveness.
  • Minimizes the effects of hillside erosion. Improves the quality of temporary infrastructures such as service roads, avoiding the use of products that are more harmful for the environment.
  • Improves the environmental quality of areas affected by dust generated by the circulation of vehicles or the handling of bulks and dusty materials.

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GlueGarden is a range of products especially designed for bonding and lending consistency to aggregates, mulch and other decorative elements commonly used in areas such as gardens, roundabouts or parks.

  • GLUE GARDEN: Our one-component solution for bonding aggregates in the garden.
  • GLUE GARDEN PLUS: Our two-component solution for more demanding work in bonding aggregates.
  • GLUE GARDEN 50M: Our one-component solution for bonding Mulch.

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