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Safety and Environment

Foresa perceives the environment as one of the basic pillars on which its business structure hinges. To this effect, we have devised an environmental policy that highlights our commitment toward developing solutions that enable us to care for and achieve sustainability in our surroundings. This policy, as well as our Occupational Risk Prevention policy, are buttressed and promoted by the Board of Directors, which conveys the importance of both to every business unit, staff member and employee.

Foresa believes that its future depends on an environmentally sustainable business, which we call Green Chemistry, consisting of the use of production systems that respect the environment and that are continuously developing new products and technologies focused along this line. Our R+D department devises new models aimed at reducing material and energy consumption, while increasing our efficiency and decreasing the use or generation of products that could entail an impact on the environment.

Foresa is an active member of a number of associations and work groups nationwide and throughout Europe, aimed at fostering cooperation and exchange of knowledge and ideas within the chemical industry, seeking to undertake actions that help tackle the current and future challenges of our society, our industry and the environment in which we operate.

As part of our commitment toward sustainable development, Foresa has signed on to the Responsible Care programme, a voluntary initiative springing from the chemical sector, geared at continuously improving our production activity and all of its operations in accordance with Sustainable Development and CSR principles.