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Foresa is a specialist in solutions for the board world. We are the main suppliers of some of the largest manufacturers in Europe and we support them in the optimization of their manufacturing processes, the continuous reduction of costs and the updating according to new market demands, as in the case of formaldehyde emissions, moisture resistant or fire resistance. 


We provide a complete solution for the world of paper pre-impregnation and impregnation. An appropriate combination of resins, catalysts and additives offers our customers the balance they seek in terms of costs and benefits.


In the construction sector, there is a wide range of products aimed at improving the thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings. Phenolic resins are the preferred binders for this type of products. 

Foresa has vast experience in the development of solutions for the manufacture of rock wool and fibreglass insulation, offering its customers a range of products based on PUF (phenol-urea-formaldehyde) resins, catalysts, oil emulsions and additives. Thermal insulation manufacturers choose our range of products because our materials offer important mechanical properties, as well as high resistance to moisture and fire in finished mineral wool products.


Our commitment to Green Chemistry and innovation is the driving force behind a new line of products aimed at improving the quality of the natural and industrial environment in which we operate.

We work with products designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions: we manufacture Adblue, to reduce NOx emissions in vehicles, and GreenforNOx, our solution for reducing NOx gases in the industrial sector.

In a different line, we have developed environmentally-friendly products whose application is focused on maintaining the natural appearance of our green and leisure areas, such as the GreenforDust and GlueGarden product range.


We have solutions for sand processes with chemical binder, both for hot and cold cure.

Our portfolio includes urea-formaldehyde resins, phenol-formaldehyde resins and catalysts for hot box processes, as well as a range of phenol-formaldehyde alkaline resins and catalysts for cold box processes.

Please contact our sales network for more information.


We have a wide range of semi-processed products that offer many possibilities to other formulators in the domestic and foreign markets. In general, these are products with a great stability and features that offer our customers the possibility of improving their own range of end products.

We have homopolymers for formulators of PVAc resins, as well as urea or phenol concentrates for the world of formaldehyde-based resins.

We have standard formulations while offering the possibility of developing tailored products, in addition to providing the technological and technical advice necessary to ensure the best results.

Please contact our sales network for more information about our solutions.


We offer a variety of products that covers a wide range of applications within the cardboard and packaging sector. We have formaldehyde-free adhesives and additives, suitable for contact with food, as well as urea-formaldehyde-based resins for other types of applications.

Our technicians will advise you according to the characteristics and demands of your products.

For more information, please contact our sales network. 


There are different types of abrasives on the market, each with specific characteristics suitable for different materials and applications.

Foresa offers a range of UF, PF resins and catalysts, with a particular emphasis on flexible abrasives.

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